Dino, AC, Sonne, Dubmoney, Mina

SuperTrio vs SuperDuo // Dino - AC - Sonne //

The streaming will be free of charge, but all sorts of donations will be greatly appreciated. Donations will we divided in between technicians and cover expenses to food, power etc.
MobilePay: ‘8375MR’
This new SuperTrio is consisting of some Denmarks highly creative and diverse musicians. Sax player Jakob Dinesen & bass player Anders AC Christensen already collaborated back in the 90’ties in the legendary fusion orchester “One Around The Park” and both had international hyper active careers in jazz, pop, rock, afro and beyond. Presently they hooked up with drummer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Laust Sonne, known for his innovative pop releases and as the beatkeeper in Denmarks most famous Rock group D.A.D. The trio plays energetic originals as well as music of the tradition in a broad church style and with open minds.
SuperDuo :
Dubmoney & Minaroundsound will mix collaboratively mix the audio to highest standards of live-streams available in the anywhere in the world.
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