Pinch The Tail - Suck The Head

We say it : Pinch The Tail and Suck The Head – All About Cooking and New York hardboiled jazz.

We are going live again at ALL ABOUT COOKING. This time around Chef Karsten Kroman will be cooking styled cuisine to sounds of a brand new jazz quartet led by tenor saxofonist Jakob Dinesen, accompanied by bass player Felix Moseholm, guitar player Jakob Artved and finally Cornelia Nielsson on drums.

You will be able to donate to support the artist as well as Medicines Sans Frontier via mobile pay and PayPal.

Tonight we are also paying tribute to African-american culture in acknowledgement of the ongoing struggle against global racism. If you like the music, please make a donation to the #blacklivesmatter movement, through mobilepay:

Mobilepay Donation – “Box2122SC” (Remember b-o-x)

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