CISPA present Dionysia
- a divine nightmare

A Foreigner arrives in a European city with a cohort of devout worshippers. He insists that everybody follow his religion, and when his command is not followed, he visits a bloody punishment on the city.

Sounds like a familiar narrative?

Except this Foreigner is the androgynous god Dionysos, born from the thigh of Zeus, and his religion is one of sensual delirium and passionate mysticism. His followers are the Bacchantes, revelling in ritual dances, and he’s returning to his birthplace Thebes, where they refuse to acknowledge him as a deity. His revenge is a glorious nightmare vision of queer savagery.

Dionysia is a contemporary re-imagining of Euripides’ ancient Greek tragedy The Bacchae. In this production, performed by the CISPA 3rd Year, we work with cutting edge technology to create a visually arresting, sensual and choreographed scenic language.

Performers: Henna Mäki-Filppula, Atte Hänninen, Karri Karjalainen, Minna Koponen, Delya Messadi, Ina Raunio, Anna Elisa Reini, Milda Sutkevičiūtė.

Director: Lars Henning

Production Management: Backstage Live – Benjamin Brett, Peter Fredsted and Anja Kajinic

Produced by: CISPA and

26.11. Premiere at 20.00
27.11. – 3.12. (except Monday 30.11.) at 20.00

For more information, please visit CISPA.

The Final Show (3.12.) will be live streamed by

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